:: lesbian health in germany :: (Lesbian Health in Germany) are privately run websites about lesbian health issues in Germany.

Lesbian health is an emerging field of interest and research in German health care. However, most medical or academic professionals are still reluctant to include information addressing lesbian issues into their websites. Most research is conducted by personally engaged students or professionals in the course of their academic qualification - usually without any funding. Results often remain unpublished and are difficult to access.

Discrimination against lesbian women and homophobia is still prevalent in health care services in Germany. This web project intends to increase visibility of lesbian women and their needs in health care.

Some of the literature mentioned on this website has been published in English - reference lists are included on the bottom of each page for the respective topic. These references might be of interest for English-speaking readers who are interested in the situation in German-speaking countries.

Please do not hesitate to contact me as English speaking reader of this website if you have any specific question.

Gabriele Dennert